Some of the companies/persons I have translated for.

More specific details on previous projects can be obtained upon request subject to
confidentiality, data
protection and copyrights.

  • HMRC. Tax papers 

  • uk. A declaration of interface international conference; policy and aims.
  • Mat”i Organisation. Medical document.

  • Word Craft. Assorted fields of translation.   

     AMAZON    HR document                                                                                                                                    Gali is an asset to our company”

  •  FACEBOOK. Future Business Questionaire                                                                                         Word Craft                                                      

  • Radio Salaam Shalom UK. Translation of articles and live interviews.
  • The Lubavitsh Library. London. Jewish religion books (Title, Synopsis, author notes).

  • MoneySite2000. Israel. Website pages translation.      

  • Leir institute. Israel. Academic article translation.                                               “Gali’s translation greatly enhanced our programs”

  • Israel. Website pages translation.                                                       Radio Salaam Shalom

  • Habad House Bristol Webpage translation.

  • Vasilikianna Terzopoulou Non fiction essays.

  • Agenturatop Agency Social and legal documents and agreements. 

  • Xerox Home office documents, legal documents.                                                                                   

  • Maryam ALI. Academic research.                                                                                                                              
  • Movie subtitles. Happy feet (part movie.) Califonication (1 episode).

  • Lior Gerby Music and science – non fiction electronic book.                      “Well done! Galis language skills are superb”

  •   Viecram Production Documentary subtitles.                                                                                       Lior Gerby

  • Het Talenhuis BVBA Belguim  Manuals and instructions.

  • BBC TV.   Documentary subtitles
  • Holy Christian Church Religious text.

  • Joanna Mcbridge Medical essay.

  • Crown Prosecution Service  Legal documents.

  • CSOFT INTL China Hebrew transcription. 

  • Translation corner. Argentina. Medical document. FDA.

  • Bank of America Sponsorship paper.

  • SDI Media Group Subtitles proofreading.                                            ” Professional and good communication.  Thank you!”

  • ABZ.NET Spain. Script proof reading.                                                                                               WORDMIND

  • Travod International.  General translation projects.

  • Wordminds Film Subtitles . Sigma – Aldrich Business Documents.

  • Verbalize it Hebrew Transcription and  subtitling for The Hebrew University.

  • Art Lingua Proof reading, editing.

  • Language Services Bristol Various translations.

  • Maddoxweb. website localization.                                                                                                    “Very, very pleased with Gali’s work”

  • Translation Gate Reviewing                                                                                                                                MADDOXWEB 

  • Netflix    Video subtitles, reviewing work.

  • Wordbank Creative editing, reviewing.

  • Warner Brothers. Hebrew subtitling

  • Asian Absolute Academic text

  • Bayan Tech Video subtitles, reviewing work.

  • Oritart Creative translation of poetry.

  • Eurolondon Market Research Surveys translation

  • All Localized. Translation of business documents.

  • Hebrew University. .

  • National Security Institute. Israel. Legal papers.
  • Holocaust Museum.  Testimonial video.