Some of the companies/persons for whom I have translated.

More specific details on previous projects can be obtained upon request subject to confidentiality, data protection and copyrights.

Amazon HR. Code of Ethics.

Word Craft. Assorted fields of translation:
“Gali is an asset to our company.”

Facebook. Future business questionnaire.
Xerox. Home office documents, legal documents.
BBC World Service. Documentary subtitles:

“Seriously good translation, laid well and very good English” A declaration of interface international conference; policy and aims.
Mat”i Organisation. Medical document.
HMRC. Tax papers.
The Lubavitsh Library. London. Jewish religion books (title, synopsis, author notes).

Moneysite2000, Israel. Website pages translation.
Leir institute. Israel. Academic article translation. Israel. Website pages translation.
Radio Salaam Shalom. Translation of articles and live interviews:

“Gali’s translation greatly enhanced our programs.”

Habad House Bristol.  Webpage translation.
Agenturatop Agency. Social and legal documents and agreements.
Maryam Ali. Academic research. Movie subtitles. Happy Feet (part of movie.) Califonication (1 episode).
Lior Gerby – Music and Science – non fiction electronic book:

Well done! Gali’s language skills are superb.”

Viecram Production. Documentary subtitles.
Het Talenhuis BVBA Belguim. Manuals and instructions.
Holy Christian Church. Religious text.
Joanna Mcbridge medical essay.
Crown Prosecution Service. Legal documents:
Csoft Intl China. Hebrew transcription.
Translation Corner. Argentina. Medical document.
Bank of America. Sponsorship paper.
SDI Media Group. Subtitles proofreading. Spain. Script proof reading.
Travod International. General translation projects.
Wordminds film subtitles. Sigma – Aldrich business documents:                                                                                                       “Professional and good communication. Thank you!”

Verbalize it. Hebrew transcription and subtitling for the Hebrew university.
Art Lingua. Proof reading, editing.
Language Services Bristol. Various translations.
Translation Gate. Reviewing
Netflix. Video subtitles, reviewing work.
Wordbank. creative editing, reviewing.
Warner Brothers. Hebrew subtitling
Asian Absolute. Academic text
Bayan Tech. video subtitles, reviewing work.
Oritart. Creative translation of poetry.
Eurolondon. Market research surveys translation
All localized. Translation of business documents.
Hebrew University.
National Security Institute. Israel. Legal papers.
Holocaust Museum. Testimonial video.